Filling Fell Out? Call Our Emergency Dentist

emergency dentist fixing missing dental filling


Did you know dental fillings aren’t life-long restorations? At some point, your filling will need to be replaced. Some people don’t realize their filling is loose until it falls out. If you think your filling has fallen out of your tooth, it’s time to call our emergency dentist for help.

Why Call an Emergency Dentist for a Missing Filling?

emergency dentist fixing missing dental filling
If your filling fell out, our emergency dentist can help with fast treatment for the affected tooth.

If you have a missing filling, it is important to get to the dentist straight away. When a filling falls out, vulnerable areas of the tooth are exposed to bacteria. Getting a missing filling repaired ASAP can help reduce the risk of other issues with your tooth. For example, waiting to fix a fallen out filling can lead to tooth decay and may even weaken the tooth to where it may be more susceptible to cracking. In addition, many people experience pain when a filling falls out, and we want to help you stop that pain as soon as possible. So, give us a call for an emergency appointment if your dental filling falls out. Also, try to keep the tooth clean and avoid chewing with the exposed tooth as much as possible until our team can help fix your tooth. 

Why Fillings Fall Out

As we mentioned, fillings do have a “lifespan.” After reaching that expected life, they may be more prone to falling out. This is because over time, the bond between the filling and your tooth tends to weaken. How long fillings last depends on many different factors, like your dental health, the size of the filling, and the type of filling. However, in general here are some general guidelines for how long fillings last by type:

  • Composite: 5-15 years
  • Amalgam: 5-25 years
  • Gold: 15-30 years

In addition, other situations may lead to a lost filling. For instance, if you have decay in the tooth around the filling, the filling might become loose and fall out. Also, trauma to the treated tooth can lead to a missing filling. For example, if you hit the tooth, bite into something hard, or grind your teeth. 

How Will the Dentist Fix a Missing Filling?

If you have a missing filling, our emergency dentist near Katy will need to evaluate the area to see how to properly repair it. Generally, we’ll take an x-ray of the tooth to get a better sense of what caused the filling to fall out. We may be able to simply re-fill the area. In other cases, you may need a different kind of dental restoration like a crown. In rare cases, the tooth may be so badly damaged that the only option is to remove it. Our team will evaluate your teeth to determine the type of repair you need. 

Emergency Dentist Near Katy, TX at The ToothBooth

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, our team at The ToothBooth is here to help. We offer quick dental treatment for emergencies, even walk-in emergency treatment on Saturdays! In addition to our emergency services, we also offer preventative and cosmetic services to help you take care of your dental health as a whole. Call us now at (832) 437-0841 to learn more and request an appointment!