Why Ask your Dentist in Katy, TX about Teeth Whitening?

Yellow versus white teeth after visiting dentist in Katy, TX for teeth whitening services


Many people ask our dentist in Katy, TX how they can get whiter teeth. In fact, whitening is one of the most requested cosmetic dental procedures today. It’s an easy, affordable way to help improve your smile!

Woman getting teeth cleaning from dentist in Katy TX
Practicing good dental hygiene and getting regular cleanings from our dentist in Katy, TX may help you reduce the risk of yellow teeth.

If you have yellow teeth, there may be several things to blame, including:

  • Drinking acidic drinks (we’re looking at you, morning cup of joe)
  • Poor diet
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Dry mouth
  • Some medications
  • Tobacco use
  • Aging

Teeth whitening procedures may help reduce the yellowing effects of these issues for a brighter, more attractive smile. However, it’s important to talk to the dentist about why your teeth are yellow. We may recommend lifestyle changes to improve your dental health to help you achieve and maintain a whiter smile. 

How does my Cosmetic Dentist in Katy, TX Whiten Teeth?

So, how exactly does our dentist in Katy, TX whiten teeth? Unlike what you may have heard or read, there are really only a couple of ways we currently know to help whiten teeth: mild abrasives to polish the teeth and bleaching agents. 

Other supposed whitening methods, like oil pulling, haven’t yet been scientifically proven and are often under researched. So, this means we simply don’t know the positive or negative effects yet.

When you come in for teeth whitening, our dentist uses a concentrated whitening solution to penetrate and whiten your teeth. We start with a thorough dental exam to determine whether you’re a good candidate for whitening procedures.

If our dentist in Katy, TX gives the a-okay to go forward with whitening, we create custom trays for your mouth. These help hold the whitening solution on your teeth and keep it away from your gums. You simply relax while the solution sits on your teeth. We may apply some fluoride gel to help with sensitivity afterward and also send you home with a whitening touch-up kit and some instructions to help maintain your results. 

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Why do so many people get their teeth whitened? There are many reasons, from boosting their self esteem to preparing for a big event like a wedding. Also, recent studies suggest that whiter teeth may help you look younger and more attractive to others. 

White Teeth Make you Look Younger

Aging is a common cause of yellow or discolored teeth. Most of us don’t like to feel old. Also, many of us would love to look younger! Well, teeth whitening may help with that.

A study conducted in the U.K. found that people perceived those with whiter teeth as being younger. In fact, white teeth helped participants look about five years younger according to those rating their appearance. That’s a pretty big difference!

Whiter Teeth May Help You Look More Attractive

Other studies have also found that whiter teeth may help you look more attractive. In the same study as above, those with whiter teeth appeared about 20% more attractive. White teeth may help you look younger and healthier, which can translate to more attractive. 

Whatever the reason, your dentist in Katy, TX is here to help you improve your smile, whether through cosmetic whitening or regular checkups to help keep your teeth healthy.

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