Afraid of the Dentist? Tips for Dental Anxiety

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Afraid of the dentist? Whether because of the noise of the drill, numbing injections, or just having someone work on your teeth, there are many reasons why people may experience dental anxiety. The key is to find ways to manage this fear so you can still take care of your teeth with regular preventative appointments. Our team is here to help you with these strategies.

Lots of People are Scared of the Dentist – Speak Up!

Dentist - The Tooth Booth Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
Visiting the dentist helps keep your teeth and gums healthy, so make sure you make regular appointments.

Many people feel embarrassed of dental anxiety, but it’s actually pretty common. An estimated 13-24% of people worldwide fear the dentist for one reason or another. We understand how difficult this can be. However, there are ways to cope with that fear so you can get the dental care you need. 

Not getting your regular exams and cleanings can cause some major issues for your health, including things like cavities and gum disease. Instead, we encourage you to speak up and let us know so our dentist can help you feel at ease. 

One of the main ways to handle dental anxiety is to communicate with your family dentist. The first step is explaining your fear. Then, we can work together to help you find coping strategies.

Some people like to have a detailed explanation of the process, while others would rather find distractions. Neither one is right or wrong, it’s all about helping you manage your anxiety. We’re here to help you feel as comfortable as possible either way.

Our team may even have suggestions for coping with dental anxiety to help you feel more relaxed during your appointment. For severe dental anxiety, it might be helpful to visit a licensed therapist to find healthy coping strategies for your visit. 

Some Dental Anxiety Coping Strategies

Not every dental anxiety strategy will work for every patient, so it’s important to find what works for you. However, there are some common techniques you may want to try. 

One thing that may help ease your fear is having a time-out signal. Working with your dentist to find a signal you need a break may help you feel safer. You can use this signal anytime you need to step away to calm your anxiety. Even if you don’t use the signal, simply having it can often help calm your nerves.

Many people also use relaxation and calming techniques before and during their appointment. For example, controlled breathing or visualization. You can use both of these strategies throughout your appointment to help stay calm. 

Another option for more severe dental anxiety is using sedatives during your appointment. One of the most common is nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. This has a calming effect that may help you feel more comfortable during your appointment. However, sedatives aren’t recommended for everyone, so it’s important to discuss your options with your dental care professional. 

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